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The site will be fully updated soon with news and shit as my computer has been down for a while..stay tuned....

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Love or hate them The Klingonz are back with the original line up of alien fuckers. Although on the psychobilly scene their own brand of Alien punkabilly is still going strong. Even though always in disguise when playing gigs (to fool the public from their real identity) Klingonz are always one step ahead with original ideas and now with their new CD “Up Uranus” features the raw sound with new influences. It will be unleashed for the invasion of the New York Rumble. The albums title is "Up Uranus" and is sure to be a mix of allsorts.

The band regrouped after a four year split to do different projects, from Looper to Celtic Bones and Numbskulls and as always their styles range from Rockabilly/Punkabilly and influences range from Stray Cats,Dead Kennedy's,Madness Social D,50` s Rock n Roll and the odd psycho band. They have already played Germany doing a high energy full on set off the first two albums (UUUUURNCHK!!) (Blurb) as always leaving the crowd wanting more.

Now with a new 16 track C.D. and new tee shirt designs once again get ready for The Invasion: Robbo Ed (Riot Mag)