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When did the Klingonz first start.:
The band actually started as a three piece in Dublin in 1986 with Doyley/slap bass, Willo/guitar, Mocker/drums then Titch had moved to London in` 86 and met Doyley and Mocker in `88 when they had Pete (Skitzo) playing guitar . This didn`t work out so doyley went on guitar and they met Strangy at a Belgium festival and asked him to play bass. 1988 saw their first gig in the Klubfoot with the Guana Batz:
Where are you from:
Titch, Doyley and Mocker are from Dublin Strangy is from Aberdeen.
Where do you get your ideas for songs:
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Everything from kids programs to Sci fi movies, Drinking, Fighting, Fucking the usual weekend out.
What other bands have the members of the Klingonz been in:
We have all played for various bands Strangy and Doyley have played for Demented are Go and Mad Sin, other bands include TheNumbskulls,The Deltas,Rattlers, and Highliners.Titch and Mocker went on to form Looper Doyley and Strangy formed Celtic Bones.
Who are your influences:
All the band have different influences Rock'n' Roll/Rockabilly Punk, Garage, Surf , from the Stray Cats, Motorhead and Vibes, to The Wildhearts, Mike Ness, Nashville Pussy and Backyard Babies the list is endless.
How many changes were in the band.:
Strangy left to join The Numbskulls and nice guy Eddie (Demented are Go) played bass. Then Doyley left and Knob (Phantom Rockers) played guitar. Now it`s back to the original line up.
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What are your plans for the future:
We are currently working on a new 16 track C.D. with some of the original style and some new ideas kicking in. We Hope to have it out for the New York Rumble and think it`s the best stuff we have done so far and looking forward to adding the new songs to the set and playing some kick ass Rock'n' Roll see you there!
Got any questions seen anything strange?? mailto: klingonz@klingonz.com
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